Imported equipment
Mechanical processing of high precision and fully automated imported equipment +6S management
cobalt-chromium alloy, pure titanium, titanium alloy, stainless steel, and PEEK, etc.
casting/die-casting/forging +CNC
anodic oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, nanocrystalline ceramics
The high performance equipment of five-axial fully automated machining center of American Haas simplify the product processing and make the precision of product more accurate.
Fully automatic longitudinal cutting center citizen make the raw material processed into one-take products, reduce multiple clamping processing and have a big assurance of the quality of products.
Tailored to the structure of the human body
Raw material:titanium alloy
  • E=110GPa
    Modulus of elasticity even closer to human bone
  • sb/g=23.5
    Strength/density ratio higher than common alloy materials
  • Top1
    More stability than domestic titanium alloy
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